A swift look at the Magpies treasures

It has been a remarkable year for the Magpies. With the organisation rebranding and having to very quickly adapt to the impact of the Covid pandemic, they didn’t just overcome – they flourished.

I had been looking forward to visiting Magpies  (formerly  known as Pennine Magpies) for  at least a year  now. Covid put  a  pretty petulant stop to this  but having finally managed, I discovered that even  three consecutive  lockdowns couldn’t  keep the Magpies down!

From the moment I stepped in, I  felt the overwhelming positive energy of the place. As soon as you enter, you feel uplifted and positive, ready to go. This is what Magpies provide for their members, a place to create, express and thrive.

The foyer decorated by banners made by members to celebrate a birthday

Each day there is a freeflow  activity schedule allowing members to choose what they want to do. Activities include several creative projects, access to various art mediums, music with instruments, karaoke and dancing, physical activities, work in the fruit and veg garden,  among other things.

Singalong and Karaoke time!

Artists at work…

Sneak peak at a bustling workshop project…

The staff are always at hand to offer assistance and coaching in life skills, to better manage independent living. Advice is available on financial matters, budgeting, pursuing activities, further education.

Magpies fruit and veg garden (part of)


Kitchen facilities such as this are available to staff and members

The music room

Each week there are social activities as well that take place away from the centre. Those activities are circulated in the centre and on their website. Regular day trips are organised, as Magpies have their own minibuses.

Samples of the astonishing artwork produced by the Magpies. Scroll to the end for

The resilience of the Magpies is remarkable.

The lockdowns stressed the importance of keeping in contact and highlighted the difficulty in reaching out to those who do not have easy access to remote or online communication.

Undaunted, they arranged phonecalls and home visits to maintain the much needed connection with their members.

The Magpies are currently operating business almost as usual, save the meticulously kept Covid safety measures, to ensure the health and safety of their members and staff.

Visit Magpies

Magpies (formerly known as Pennine Magpies) is a charitable organisation primarily aimed at adults with additional physical or mental needs, providing an encouraging space in which to achieve their full potential.

Some of their social events are open to the general public.

To become a member of the Magpies, one can be either referred or make a self referral. They are a friendly, positive group, so get in touch and find out how you can join the flock!

Gallery of the Magpies


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