The embers are glowing at the Phoenix Shed…

Follow me as Ed Moss and Chris Freeman provide an exclusive look into the Phoenix Shed!

1. Mural donated to Shed 2. Money Box 

I visited the Shed, initially expecting to find an amateur woodworking workshop, offering men something to do, only to find out that there is much more than that available to members.

As I was shown around, it was abundantly evident that each member that comes through the Shed is much more than a name.

I’ve been regaled with several touching, success stories and evidence of dignified support available in time of hardship.

You get to know the people who visit, you make meaningful connections, you find solutions to their problems and there is the Shed’s uniqueness. It actively promotes social cohesion and integration to society.

What is the Phoenix Shed?

A place where men are reborn

The Phoenix Shed is a place for men over the age of 55 to meet, greet and find support from each other during what life has in store.

Being a member of the Shed opens up avenues to support that would otherwise not be readily available. What makes this place special is the emotional support, camaraderie and genuine concern the members find from those running the Shed, each other and ultimately, themselves.

Not the least, the Phoenix Shed offers the opportunity to its members to engage in woodwork, wood turning, joinery projects among other things.

The woodworking areas of the Shed are well stocked with material and equipped with well maintained, good grade tools.

Their work has been featured at Hebden Bridge, in the form of a golden painted bench sitting in the Town Hall.

1. Chris with a vintage chair he restored 2. Bench similar to that found at Hebden Bridge Townhall 3. Planter made from reclaimed wood

Several other works, including benches, planters as well as birdboxes, hedgehog shelters, as well as many, many more projects have been commissioned.  If you need a walking stick or hiking pole, they can make those too and they’re rather good at it.

1. Ed displaying a shepherd’s hook and walking stick 2,3,4. Walking sticks made by members of the shed with different handles.

As well as that, members are instructed in the finer art of wood carving and wood turning, creating some impressive pieces of work.

One of their members is teaching woodcarving at The Shed and he is also a member of the West Riding Woodcarvers, who have large panels of work in several West Yorkshire Hospices, including Overgate.

Samples of wood carved panels (carved by George)

The Shed welcomes all men over the age of 55, especially those who have for any reason become displaced and isolated from society.

Membership involves an annual £20 fee and a small contribution per visit.

You don’t have to do woodwork to attend. There is a lounge where you can get a hot drink and just have a conversation.


Many have been wanting to know when the Phoenix Shed will be welcoming its members back.

The Shed has been operating quietly, following Covid guidelines during the past year and a half, offering what help and support it could to its members.

It offered a time to reflect, take stock and prepare for the reopening. A lot of work is currently afoot at their Threeways Centre hub and it won’t be long before you can go back to your favourite hub again!

Carving of the Shed’s Phoenix

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