Be the first to know the exciting new developments at OSCA!

OSCA offer services that enhance and promote quality of life through sports and exercise for our local community.

For a list of activities at the OSCA, Click Here

Their premises at Forest Cottage are newly refurbished, making them more accessible and boast state of the art football and rugby shower changing rooms to accommodate both home and away teams.


Football and Rugby changing rooms

The outdoor football grounds are getting ready for matches and they are already able to host 5-aside football teams and rugby matches.

Sports grounds of the OSCA

There is already activity in the dance studio, refloored courtesy of the TaeKwonDo club running three times a week. Classes for all levels of fitness take place there each day (please look at timetable),  from aerobics to martial arts and ballroom dance.

The OSCA exercise Studio

For a list of activities at the OSCA, Click Here

A new room, hoping to host a youth hub is presently getting renovated, possibly starting beginning of September.

Let’s not forget the fully licensed pub at the top floor. Live sports are often projected on the big screen (pictures of Euro 2020)

The action at the OSCA pub for the finals of Euro 2020

The OSCA Pub room

The facilities at the OSCA can be rented for training sessions, functions and birthday parties. With ample parking space, spacious rooms and even plenty of outdoor grounds, they have a lot to offer for your event needs.

Thank you to Steven Smith for taking the time to share these news with us, we look forward to hearing further developments from the OSCA!


OSCA Foundation
Ovenden Sport and Community Arena
Forest Cottage
Cousin Lane

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