VSI Alliance Update July 2021

VSI Alliance News & Events
Newsflash from the Voluntary Sector Infrastructure (VSI) Alliance team


With the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions today and based on the feedback we received from you all, we have launched the #KeepingItMasked campaign to support all Calderdale Voluntary & Community orgs who continue to use PPE/Facemasks.

The VSI Alliance has put together a few resources including Twitter and Facebook banners for your organisation’s profiles and a few example tweets and ideas for you to get involved and show that you are #KeepingItMasked to protect the communities you work with.

The resources are available on the VSI Alliance Website – https://vsialliance.org.uk/keepingitmasked


About VSI Alliance:

All staff at the VSI Alliance are available remotely to support you and your organisation at this time with various aspects of your work, along with providing key information and resources. For support/advice, please contact info@vsialliance.org.uk, or visit www.vsialliance.org.uk for more contact details.

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