The Paddock Community Garden – Meet (Eat) and Move

Over the last year there has been a greater recognition of the importance of our local green spaces.  Parks, gardens and green areas can help us feel happier, healthier – by providing a chance to potter, play or explore and more importantly the opportunity to get out and meet safely with others.  

In North we are lucky to have a lot of green spaces, but not all are used or loved.  

Here is the story (and film) of the Paddock Community Garden featuring its creators Lynne and Joan, and how from it’s humble beginnings, it’s now helping residents and groups meet (eat) and move. Supported and championed by community organisers Natalie and Jaime, decorated and danced around by Leanne, Lauren and the children of Kevin Pearce and soon to be used by Staying Well, Innovations and a host of others.  

The Paddock is one of a number of green spaces in Ovenden (including Innovations allotment) that the Ovenden Moving Network are supporting and working to join with a gentle walking route.  

The Paddock Facebook has more about what they’re up to, including the date of the next litter pick.   

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