Walkabout 12th May outcomes

Our community wardens carried out the first walkabout since lockdown this May. They concentrated on the Heathy Lane Shay Lane and Holmfield Gardens area of Beechwood.

Out of 17 people who engaged on the doorstep:

5 Said that they would be interested in The Friends of Beechwood park

2 Said they would be interested in Neighbourhood Watch

17 said that they all liked living I the area and that everyone got on with each other

4 people made a request for Recycling equipment that was delivered this afternoon

Other concerns raised were

TRAFFIC – Issues with cars speeding up and down Heathy Lane

Parents blocking driveways

Groups of Young People in the Park

Rubbish from Young people coming and going to Trinity Academy

Not enough bins

What do you think can be done to improve the area?

Update the playground in the Park with better lighting

Improve the fencing in the Park

Local Bus Service

More Litter Bins More education needed at school around litter and recycling for young people

5mph Speed on Heathy Lane including adding Slow down Signs

Resident ONLY signs for NO PARKING for parents of TRINITY ACADEMY

More Police around the area

ENSURE Dog walkers keep dogs on leads so that people who are afraid of dogs can safely use the park

What would encourage you to use your local parks and open spaces more?
Some suggestions of outdoor activities included:

Sign posted or group walks

Tai chi

Outdoor Zumba

Gentle Exercise class

Walking group including walking football

More for Young people to be involved

Cafe in the park

For more information on that or if you have any suggestions and ideas to share, please contact Karen on Karen.scanlon@calderdale.gov.uk

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