The Great Illingworth sports and social club cleanup!

For a reminder of the event visit here

On March 27th, around 40 volunteers, not just from Crossleys and Illingworth rugby clubs were bright and early at the Illingworth Sports and Social club. The club grounds are used by several local clubs for rugby (obviously) and football training. Sadly, due to inconsiderate use of the areas, the place has been crammed with litter.



The volunteers, completely undaunted, took away at the very least one full bag each and didn’t stop at that, clearing overgrown blueberry hedges, fallen branches and other assorted weeds.

Children as young as 3 had helped out with the grounds while the club generously provided  drinks and sandwiches throughout the day.

It was a great day with everyone in good spirits and we’d like to close this on a positive note. Sadly the club is still plagued by youths gathering and engaging in antisocial drinking on the grounds.

As we get back to normal and more children use the site, this is a cause for concern.

The club plan to do another clean up day around the end of August when the teams return after summer break in readiness for the new season.

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