**THIS IS NOT A SCAM** Winter package to provide support for children and families

We have been asked by Calderdale Council to post this message.

If you have received a letter from Calderdale Council about your eligibility for a Winter Grant, please be assured that this is a genuine message and not a scam!  The Government has allocated funding to Calderdale Council to provide financial support to help with food and fuel costs over the winter months and during school holidays.

In Calderdale it has been agreed that this money will be provided to those families with children who currently receive assistance with Council Tax Support and/or Free School Meals – there is no need to apply for this it will be automatically paid if you are eligible.

Each eligible family will receive a one off payment of £25 plus an additional £40 for each child and this will be paid directly into your bank account – if you receive Free School Meals only, then the £40 will only be paid for each child at school. 

You now need to access Calderdale MBC website on this link  www.calderdale.gov.uk/v2/coronavirus-covid-19/help-people-and-communities/winter-grant and provide your bank information via the secure web form.

This scheme closes on the 31st March 2021 so act now to avoid losing out

Calderdale Council have also set up a Lockdown Fund for which you will receive a one off payment of £15 per child – no further action is needed and a separate payment will be sent to the bank account information you provide on our secure web portal.

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