Online Seminar on Covi19 and the Vaccine – Friday 12.2.21 6pm to 8pm

This Free Online Seminar wants to communicate an Islamic Perspective on The Covid-19 Virus and the Vaccine.

Find answers to the questions around receiving the vaccine and what Islam say on the Pandemic.

Free Online Seminar – Friday 12.2.21 – Time 6pm to 8pm

Please register on:

 Ask your questions to Scholars and Doctors working together in the field

Speakers include:

Dr Najeeb Rahman – Consultant in A&E – LGI
Dr Sharif Al-Ghazal – Consultant & President of the British Islamic Medical Association
Dr Abid Aziz – Consultant Chest Physician BRI
Sheikh Osman – Chaplaincy Imam
Yusuf and Junaid – The Two White Muslims
Imam/Dr Dadibhai – Masjid Talha
Dr Hina Shahid – Chair, Muslim Doctors Assoc.
Sheikh Yunus Dudhwala – Head of Chaplaincy
Sheikh Ilyas Dalal – Imam and Chaplain
Dr Imtiyaz Patel – Chair IMWS
Qari Asim – Imam Makkah Masjid Leeds

Hosted by Kaushar Tai – Director: Aksaa 

This is a Partnership Initiative 


Doctors Worldwide

Empathy Group

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