Inclusive Economy Project Grants

If you live in Park or east Warley and you’re full of ideas, this is for you!

Funding is available for community projects and enterprises in your area.

Do you have an amazing idea that will bring better employment, skills and enterprise to Park and east Warley?

Get the financial support to make it happen!

Information pack in English
Information pack in Urdu
Information pack in Czech

The Park and Warley Inclusive Economy Steering Group has £215,000 to be distributed across projects and enterprise support and is offering the following types of funding:

• Project grants – For projects that increase residents’ skills, particularly digital, or increase their access to employment and/or business creation.
• Enterprise grants – Individual grants of £1000 towards start-up or development costs for people intending to establish a new business or develop a business in a way
that will create additional employment for local people.

We know that certain groups of people face greater barriers into economic security through employment or business creation so the following will be prioritised in our funding decisions:
• Young people.
• Women.
• Single parents.
• Black and minority ethnic people (BAME).
• People over 50.
• Refugees.
• Care leavers.
• Those with English as a second language.

For more information and to apply, visit
If you have an idea that you would like to talk to us about before applying, please contact us at

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