Campaigners Petition to Save Mixenden Activity Centre, the Local Community Hub

Petitioners Seek to Gain 2000 Signatures, in Response to Council Leaders Vote to Close Centre due to Funding Restraints.

The local Calderdale community has created a petition to save Mixenden Activity Centre (MAC), a place that provides a safe, supportive and welcoming environment for adults and young people alike.

With no other comparable facility within West Yorkshire, MAC is unique to Calderdale.

The Centre is run by highly qualified Instructors, that not only deliver adventurous activities but also excel in providing support to adults and young people that are  vulnerable, disabled or have  learning difficulties. These Instructors are at risk of not only losing their jobs but also the people that they care for.

MAC has an excellent reputation with its partner agencies and stakeholders.

Steve Regan, Petition Organiser, commented: “I find it bewildering that in a week when the Government was expressing its concerns for the long term physical and mental health, of the country’s young people, that Calderdale Council was in the process of closing MAC.

A double irony, also, as Chief Executive Officer of Calderdale Council, Robin Tuddenham, attended a video conference for Sport England and endorsed their proposed five strand strategy for the next ten years. The strategy being; Recover and reinvent, Connecting communities, Positive experiences for children and young people, Connecting with health and wellbeing and Active environments which, in most parts, is what MAC does or can deliver”.

Mr Regan continued: “I’ve started this Petition because I have seen firsthand, over many years, the excellent work that MAC does. I want to see future generations having the same opportunities and experiences. MAC has also turned around the life chances of many young people, where other institutions have struggled. In a report to the Directors of Public Services, financial losses at MAC were cited. I would like to see those figures and the evaluation process scrutinised. To get that scrutiny, we are aiming for 500 signatures but our goal is 2000 as that number will trigger a debate by the full Council. We are asking anyone who lives or works in Calderdale Council area, including under 18’s to sign”. Please go to:


One thought on “Campaigners Petition to Save Mixenden Activity Centre, the Local Community Hub

  1. I fully support the petition too retain the MAC. For over fifty years it has been a focal point for many attivatises for the well being of the recidents of the area.

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