Verd de Gris short films for Children and Young People

Commissioned through the Emotional Health and Wellbeing Local Transformation Plan, Verd de Gris Arts have worked with film maker Geoff Brokate to produce 5 short films with children and young people in Calderdale.

These films focus on a range of subjects including self-harm, sexuality and identity, and neurological disorders as well as the impact that Covid-19 pandemic has had on children and young people in Calderdale.

Three of these films are released for you to view with the next two to be announced shortly. The films will be hosted on Vimeo:

Local film ‘Youth & Covid-19features children and young people from different backgrounds and cultures across Calderdale, discussing the immediate effects of lockdown, the closure of schools and the impact of self-isolation.

I Am Not My Tourettes (password – Realtimetalk) features Beth. Beth lives her life with Tourettes but despite its challenges she strives to live a fulfilling life. She is remarkably open and honest about her experiences, most notably she discusses how ignorant society can be and the abuse she receives from the wider community.

Me, Fluidity & Unsocial Media‘ featuring Jed. Jed is a self-assured and caring young man who perfectly embodies the notion that we help our friends when they are down. In this tender and heart-warming film Jed admirably opens up about the pressures of social media and coming out as gay.

You can watch the film here:  (password: realtimetalk)

Next steps… On March 24th 2021 at 16:00 Verd de Gris Arts will be hosting an online screening event where guest speakers including the young people will attend, supported by Calderdale Open Minds Partnership, to discuss issues raised by the films. If you would like to attend this online screening event then please contact Jeff on or via mobile: 07926 978651.

Open Minds Calderdale

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