CREW Heart Support Guided Walks are back!

From the 2nd December we will return to tier 3, we can start our walks again so long as we do so in groups of ‘no more than 6’ – just as we had been doing before lockdown

We know how important our walking groups are, not only for your physical wellbeing but also for your mental wellbeing.

Our first Tuesday walk will take place on the 8th December – you will see from our walk list that Colin Walshaw will be leading a walk to Wuthering Heights, we do hope that you can support CREW and indeed Colin for arranging this great walk.

We do ask that you book on-line, either from our website or by email, for any of the walks you are able to attend.


Free Zoom Exercise Sessions

Come and join our FREE live exercise sessions that are run by our specialist level 4 Rehab Instructors. All you have you do is visit our website and book through the booking system.

Zoom Classes – CREW Heart Support Group

Visit the CREW Heart Support website for information and the schedule of the CREW guided walks and the Free online Zoom courses and other ways to keep yourselves active and healthy.

CREW Heart support website

Contact CREW Heart Support Group
Crew Heart Support Website
CREW Facebook page

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