Get your headphones on The Curious e-Motion podcast is out now!

Curious e-Motion, our very first podcast, has launched! Hear fascinating stories from the people in arts, culture, and wellbeing – those who create it, shape it, present it and enjoy it!

We have 3 episodes ready and waiting for you! You can find them here:

Make sure to subscribe and let us know what you think!


1. Our Story – with me! In this introductory episode I share with you my story, how Curious Motion came about, and what you can expect from this podcast.

2. Laura Johansen on Calderdale, Gentleman Jack, and ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Hear how Laura has supported culture and tourism in Calderdale, including some amazing stories from the BBC & HBO production of Gentleman Jack, plus her lesser known role as a diplomat!

3. Maisha Kungu & Jess Woodhead on creativity, self care, and friendship. A heartwarming episode from two local dance artists who grew up together. Hear their childhood memories of arts and creativity and what this means for them today, plus some great wellbeing ideas!


I do hope you enjoy listening! Episodes will be released weekly on Tuesdays from now until Christmas.

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