Harmony Hub activity and reflection packs available

The Harmony Hub is a dementia friendly radio broadcast running on the community radio station Phoenix FM on 96.7 FM every Monday at 1pm.

There is a list of past podcasts for anyone who is interested:


The show is mainly aimed at elderly people and those with dementia, struggling with isolation, especially now that several of their usual activities are cancelled, causing additional disruptions to their routine.

Awakening Arts is happy to provide activity and reflection packs to the listeners of the show. If that would be something you’re interested in, please get in touch to have a pack sent to you.


The show includes some guided movement, listening to some and playing memorable songs. There are interviews with inspiring elders and guest slots with local musicians.

We’re supplying a supporting handout which would provide a basis for conversation, memory sharing and some ideas and materials for a related art activity.

Here’s a link to some more information about the project on the Awakening Arts website:


There will be regular check-ins with listeners, both individuals and care home residents, who will help guide and refine the show; making sure that it will best serve older residents at this time.

Awakening Arts  are really keen to reach individuals self-isolating at home and have creativity and reflection packs to send out to people in their homes. If you would like to receive one of their art packs, please get in touch.

Contact Awakening Arts

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