Everything is Possible Free Life Changing Project Abroad for 18-30 year olds

Take part in a free life changing project abroad

Ever thought about taking part of a worthwhile project abroad, whilst developing professional and personal skills?

York-based non-profit organisation, Everything is Possible, are offering volunteering and training projects in fields such as:

  • Sport coaching
  • Dance
  • Animal care and outdoor activities
  • Arts
  • Social Work

These are 2 to 9 months projects starting from January 2021 and taking place in countries such as Greece, Aruba, Croatia or Italy.

These projects are free. They are funded by the European Solidarity Corps programme of the European Union. There are no costs to you (flights, food and accommodation are paid for you).

Who is it for? They are looking for young people aged 18-30, living in the UK and be confident and ready to try new things. These projects may be a alternative opportunity for those who have not achieved what they hoped for in their A-levels or may not now be going to university due to COVID-19 disruptions.

Over the past 20 years, Everything Is Possible have helped thousands of young people, to experience international mobility opportunities. This experience brought them intercultural awareness, raised self-esteem and help them gain competences they would need for their future, while for others it has helped them to get the job they wanted.

Visit www.everythingispossible.eu to register for their next information session online.

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