Reimagining Communities in Ovenden

An online Zoom session in August saw Ovenden residents, community groups and Councilors get together to talk about the impact of the Covid-19 crisis locally and to  start to reimagine the future of our communities.

The conversation was captured in the images below (click images to enlarge)

North Halifax Partnership (NHP) believes the Covid crisis presents a unique opportunity to instigate improvements in our lives and its Reimagining Communities project aims to encourage people to reflect on how the Covid crisis has affected them in positive ways as well as negative.

Is that something that you would like to get involved in by joining a discussion, or even recording your own conversation with someone you know?  Anyone can take part.

3 reasons why you might might want to take part (and how NHP will use your information): 

  1. Be part of local history – Your contribution to the Reimaging Communities Listening Library will mean your voice is part of a community library of experiences in this strange and unprecedented time.
  2. Help NHP to make sure their services are relevant – By taking part you will help NHP to better understand local people’s experience of the crisis and enable them to re-think the services they deliver in the ‘new normal’
  3. Make your voice count – The listening library  when published will be accessible online and will also be shared with Council leaders and public services across Calderdale.

Click here for more information about Reimagining Communities



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