Scam alert: Rogue roofers operating in Bradshaw, Halifax

There has been a report of two white males who don’t seem local, driving in a transit van.

Residents have reported being approached on their doorstep by them and told that there are tiles sliding off their roofs. After haggling a price, one of the men went up the roof and half an hour later came down, demanding a much higher fee than initially agreed.

The men are said to target vulnerable households whom they try to pressure and intimidate.

We are asking everyone to be vigilant of suspicious behaviour on their street and look out for one another.

If you are approached by anyone who makes you feel uncomfortable, at first instant, ask them to leave. Don’t feel bad about closing the door to them. Genuine contractors should understand a refusal.

If you believe you have been targeted, ask for help from someone you have confidence in, whether a family member, a friend, a key worker or the police.

To report fraudulent activity, visit
Action Fraud:
or telephone 0300 123 2040.

One thought on “Scam alert: Rogue roofers operating in Bradshaw, Halifax

  1. Busy practice: find someone who has had roof work done and ask the householder, who did it and how good was the job; word of mouth is always the best way

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