Old Lane, Mixenden – Litter Pick outcome

At 9.30am Wednesday 9th September 2020 Tony, Karen and Dan from Ovenden Mixenden Initiative together with Dave from the Council’s SCG team carried out a litter pick of Old Lane in Ovenden, from the junction with Keighley Road all the way into Town.

In approx. 1 hour 7 x 240litre black bin liners were filled with rubbish that had been collected from  just off Old Lane. Apart from general litter there were alcoholic and non-alcoholic cans and bottles, several full dog poo bags that had been stuffed into the wall, items of ladies and gents underwear, a number of nitrous oxide canisters and lots of takeaway trays.

The council’s SCG team remove this amount of waste every week from Old Lane, there is also large amounts of flytipping waste that have been dumped on land off the road which will need specialist help to remove.

Can you help! Yes you can if your out and about in Old Lane and see any flytipping taking place please note any vehicle registration and description of persons involved and phone it into the Council/Police.

Please help keep our streets clean.

One thought on “Old Lane, Mixenden – Litter Pick outcome

  1. Congratulations to all who did this work. It should not be necessary, but that’s life these days.
    I cannot do that kind of physical work, but can only stay supportive.

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