Do you live or work in Illingworth, Ovenden or Lee Mount?

Would you like to make it easier for people to improve how they feel inside and out, to have fun and feel more confident?

Conversations and messages we see and hear, and the area where we live can have a big impact on how we behave and what becomes normal. Local voluntary and community groups, charities, faith associations, libraries, children’s centres, housing associations, pubs, hairdressers, post offices and more, have the ability to influence what we think and do.

Active North Halifax are looking for people who feel passionately about making it easier for those who live and work in Illingworth, Ovenden or Lee Mount to get physically active.

This could be; identifying what currently works and what doesn’t, where existing groups, services or individuals could work together, such as sharing skills and resources, highlighting where new activities are needed, or simply promoting activity through social media, posters in shops or having a chat with neighbours or customers.

It’s not about losing pounds and gaining big muscles, it’s about improving health and wellbeing, reducing loneliness, strengthening local ownership and pride, being creative about how people can become active, in a way that works for them. We want to explore opportunities for people to be active in the community spaces and places where people usually attend, places they know and trust, and where they feel safe, particularly in these changing times.

If  you’d like to find out more or join this conversation please contact North Halifax Active Engagement Co-ordinator

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