RiSE Calderdale housing project is empowering young people

A Calderdale Housing Project called RiSE is aiming to empower young people to live independently.

RiSE is a housing project by Newground Together, part of Together Housing Group, that is educating 16 to 24-year olds about the responsibilities of having their own home. The programme involves group work and one to one mentoring which aims to increase resilience, independence, and self-confidence in young adults to empower them to sustain their tenancy.

The programme offers:

  • A designated Youth Worker local to you.
  • Individual support plan focused on the skills needed to manage their tenancy and household finances.
  • Support plans are tracked and monitored to see how you are doing. They are reviewed every 3 months to reflect the support you need.
  • Group work and social activities so you can meet young people in similar situations.
  • Access to specialist services such as mental health and employment support.

To find out more about the programme you can contact:

  • Email: referrals@newground.co.uk
  • Call Samantha Harrison, Senior Project Officer: 07860 952814
  • Call Stephen Bedeu, Project Officer: 07793 618769
  • Call Abbi McHale, Project Officer: 07971 802978

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