Walking and Cycling Areas for Improvement in North Halifax – your views

We Need Your Views by Thursday 28th May

The challenges of walking and cycling in North Halifax (including Ovenden, Illingworth and Mixenden) are regularly raised by local residents.

With social distancing restrictions, these issues have become more pressing. We need your help now to understand where and how we can help with changes to roads and pavements. This will help make cycling and walking safer and easier for people to do whilst protecting their health.

Building cycling and walking into your daily routine helps improve your physical and mental well-being, not to mention your bank balance!

The Council is responding to the requirements of COVID-19 social distancing and a general return to work and school. We want to help people to avoid using public transport and to walk and cycle more.

North Halifax, is a priority area as data shows us that in North Halifax people who travel to work on foot is significantly lower than in the rest of Calderdale.  And in both Illingworth and Mixenden and Ovenden wards people who travel to work by bus is significantly higher than almost all other wards in the borough.

As shops and workplaces reopen, we want to support physical distancing measures and ensure pavements are wide enough and clear of obstruction and that cycle provisions are improved to help people ride their bikes. We will do this through, social media, signing, putting temporary measures in to widen footways and by creating temporary cycle ways where possible.

Now we need your help!  Please complete our Walking and Cycling Survey below thinking about how people in North Halifax can walk and cycle more whilst maintaining social distancing.

To achieve these aims, we need your help by completing our Walking and Cycling Survey to let us know specifically where you think the problem areas are, in terms of being able to walk and cycle and do so maintaining social distancing.

Many thanks and please do take this opportunity to tell us what you think, you don’t need to be an expert!


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