Local RSPCA hoping for Luck of the Irish for ‘Blind’ puppy Paddy

THE RSPCA Halifax, Huddersfield, Bradford & District branch are hoping for lots of good luck this St.Patrick’s day for a 5 month old puppy by the name of Paddy.










Paddy arrived at the local rehoming centre with a horrendous eye condition which has caused him to lose his sight– but the centre hope the Border Collie pup will respond well to any treatment and be able to go up for rehoming as soon as possible, however, he may potentially be permanently blind.

Paddy is currently receiving round-the-clock care due to his current condition. He is being fostered by a member of staff on an evening and cared for in the day time with staff in their offices. Although Paddy has no sight, this doesn’t stop him from enjoying each day to the maximum – wagging his tail, playing and stealing the hearts of the staff who care for him at the centre!


Animal Centre Deputy Manager Claire Kendall says “Paddy really doesn’t let his current condition get in the way of being a playful puppy! Whenever he’s in the office he’s always got a toy in his mouth and he’s constantly melting the hearts of everyone who meets him. Sadly, we believe Paddy may be permanently blind due to the severity of his eye issues and his first vet check and consultation alone is costing £200 – but we’re determined to do all we can for this poor boy and we’re sure there will be a loving home out there somewhere for Paddy when he is available for adoption.”


The Wade Street Animal Centre is proud to have a dedicated dog behaviourist who has developed an extra special training plan for the young pup – he is learning specific words to help him gain confidence on walks and in everyday life. Commands as simple as ‘left turn’ and ‘right turn’ will help Paddy learn to rely on his hearing as a navigation tool. Staff have been implementing this training with him each day and are already impressed at how quickly and confidently Paddy is picking it up.


The branch will know more about Paddy’s condition and what specific treatment and care will be required after his vet appointment on March 17th. They are of course hoping it will be as easy as possible for Paddy and result in him being available for rehoming in the not so distant future.

If you are interested in adopting or would like to learn more about the local RSPCA rehoming centre please visit: www.rspahalifaxhuddersfieldbradford.org.uk .


The RSPCA Halifax, Huddersfield, Bradford and District Branch are a self-funding branch of the National RSPCA, responsible for raising money locally to support our animal welfare work.  This year the branch has rehomed over 500 animals and our main aim is to rehabilitate unwanted, abandoned and abused animals and find them loving, permanent homes. We rely on public donations and the generosity of our local community to keep the doors of our animal centre open.   

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