Calderdale Conversations – Mixenden and Beechwood Library drop in

Calderdale Conversations is a key part of how we are delivering our Vision 2024. This project sets out where we want to take Calderdale together and how we are going to get there. For more about this, see: Vision 2024…

Calderdale Conversations is a new opportunity for people across the region to talk about the things most important to them.

You, your family and your friends all have ideas about Calderdale. Things you’d like to see happen here or things you’d like to be done differently. Calderdale Conversations is about getting those ideas heard and bringing them to life.

Drop in and have a chat with Rachael Henry and Dan Marham this Thursday

  • 10am to 12.30pm – Mixenden Library,
  • 1.30pm to 3.30pm – Beechwood Road Library

We want to have more conversations, more often and in new ways. Asking people to play a direct role in how the place changes and grows. This project is about creating closer connections and new partnerships so together we can reach our vision for the place.

All conversations will be collated to help inform our decision making process. So you can see the impact you are having.

If you want to keep talking you can speak to the Council in a number of ways on a range of issues – Take part in consultations and give feedback here…

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