2040: This Weekend Only! – Square Chapel November 17 @ 2pm

Together Films are releasing a powerful climate change documentary 2040 THIS WEEKEND, which I think would be of significant interest to Calderdale Lower Valley’s network.

2040 is an Australian documentary that takes a solutions-based approach to how we can, using the technology we already have, mitigate the enormous global issues we currently face. The main themes/solutions looked at in the film are around:  empowerment of women and girls; marine regeneration; regenerative agriculture; renewable energy; and circular economy. It’s a story of hope, and a powerful tool to encourage people to take action – you can take a peek at some of the amazing things the Australian release has achieved so far in this video.

The film hits cinemas from THIS WEEKEND in VUEODEONOmniplex and many more – you can find the full list of screenings across your region, the UK, and Ireland here. This film will only be in cinemas THIS WEEKEND so book your tickets before they go!

There are numerous screenings within your region from Odeon One Liverpool on the 18th Nov at 18:30 to The Brewery Kendal on the 20th Nov at 19:30 and everywhere in-between.

We think that you would be specifically interested in the screening at Square Chapel Halifax on the 17th Nov at 2pm.

We would be thrilled if you could help us get the word out about these screenings to help maximise the opportunities for audiences to engage with this topic. You can find our comprehensive campaign website here, I have included some social copy below, and you can access graphic assets, posters and a downloadable trailer at various lengths here.

​​We have a very comprehensive campaign website, which you can direct audiences to: www.whatsyour2040.com​​

​​Please follow our social channels and ensure to tag us on your posts so we can share:

​​Facebook: @2040Film

​​Instagram: @2040Film

​​Twitter: @2040Film

​​Social Media Copy


​​What would the future look like if we simply embraced the best that exists today? ​🌎​ See @2040Film in UK cinemas from 15th Nov! #JoinTheRegeneration #ClimateEmergency

​​ http://bit.ly/2040Screenings

​​Facebook & Instagram: 

​​​📣​ Calling all families, eco-warriors & #documentary lovers: what would the future look like if we simply embraced the best that exists today? ​🌎​See @2040film in over 130 UK cinemas from 15th Nov! Tickets here ​👉​​👉​http://bit.ly/2040Screenings


​​Director Damon Gameau and Producer Anna Kaplan will be joining for a Q&A across the UK throughout November. This is THE YEAR of the climate crisis, and this film provides the positive solutions that we can implement today. #JoinTheRegeneration Book your tickets today!


​​#WhatsYour2040 #ClimateEmergency #Seeyouatthecinema

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