A BIG local vision of a mentally healthy North Halifax.

The North Halifax Community Wellbeing Partnership were at the Beechwood Big Picnic this month talking to as many people as possible about mental health, and creating our big drawing of a vision for North Halifax.

We want people’s personal experience to be at the heart of everything we do and we know that to improve health and wellbeing in North Halifax we need to work with local people from the very start.

a mentally healthy vision of nhx

Right now the vision boards are touring various Council and NHS buildings to make sure that service managers and decision makers take note of what local people think.

And keep your eye out from October, as the boards will be visiting local libraries and community venues in north Halifax to carry on the conversation.

If YOU live or work in North Halifax, join in the #BigNHXConversation by sharing your thoughts on social media with @NHXPartnership

Or you can email kate.horne@calderdale.gov.uk

  • What does mental health mean to you?  
  • What could mentally healthy look like in schools, in families, in workplaces or outdoor spaces?
  • What should a mentally healthy North Halifax look like when someone is struggling?

North Halifax Community Wellbeing Partnership is a local Primary Care Network initiative bringing together health and social care providers to provide better personalised and preventative mental health care in the local community.

The partnership includes GPs and health and social care professionals, local community organisations, council and public health officers and ward Councillors. So, we’re also pleased to announce that North Halifax has been recognised nationally and nominated in 4 categories for an NAPC Award 2019, including Primary Care Network of the Year!

Winners are due to be announced on  9 October 2019 – so keep your fingers crossed for North Halifax!


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