Active North Halifax launch at Beechwood Big Picnic – 7 Sept

Picture2Active North Halifax is all about finding out what is and isn’t helping people of North Halifax get moving, then working together to make things happen.

Moving is anything that gets your heart beating faster; it could be dancing, gardening, brisk walks to school, volunteering, or a kick about in the park. Anything that makes your cheeks rosy and your body sweaty!

This can’t be done without YOU. We need to know what your views are if you’re already a mover or not. By understanding we can all work together to ensure everyone has the ability to make their heart skip as well as sing! Tell us if your park paths are overgrown, how good walking locally makes you feel and what your ideas and dreams are.

Ideas can be just that and we’re building an Active North Halifax Community Network to help form and support them into reality, and help with advice and funding. We’re particularly interested in how we can make the best of existing assets.

If you live or work in the area, or are part of a club, charity, school or organisation, come along and see us at the Beechwood Big Picnic on Saturday 7 September, 12 – 4pm and share your thoughts. Or email

Let’s make North Halifax an even better place to live and play!

What gets you moving?  There’s plenty to choose from at the Beechwood Big Picnic:

Join us at for our 1K Beechwood Family Fun Run, with more emphasis on fun than running. Walk, shuffle, push or skip.  This could be your first step to a Park Run or just a spot of sporting silliness. Every finisher gets an Active North Halifax medal.

Lose your head at the Mad Hatters’ Staying Well Tea Party and get into the swing with croquet – no flamingos or hedgehogs will be harmed!  Or visit the NHP Forest School for family Bear Hunting – oh my!  

Wheelie Bored? You won’t be!  If you’re aged 3 up, there’s a bike and track to fit (grown ups too!). Don’t cycle? We want to hear from you.  Cycle training is available to book for all ages in the area through Bikeability.  Don’t have a bike? Speak to the Bikeability team about the Active Calderdale Bike Library.  Mixenden Activity Centre will have the bigger bikes on the park bike track and can advise on local routes and guided rides.

After something more gentle?  Men United invite you to try their walking ruby or explore boccia (it’s like boules) an “intriguing tactics and nail biting tension game”.  New skills and new friends to be had at Beechwood Bowling Club, pop in for a cuppa. Or have-a-go at our Tai Chi and Yoga – sessions all day.

Come along and be part of the fun!

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