High Five News – Summer Hols and Autumn restarts

It’s a bit complicated but here goes; two classes are having July & Aug off because holidays mean dramatic falls in numbers & with tutors & rents to pay it’s a big drain on the purse. The two are our newest classes Art at Hope URC and Line dancing at Highgate both on Monday afternoon.

Kurling is having the whole of August off because key holders are on holiday. Just about everyone else is having the last 2 weeks in August off

But come September, everyone’s back and ready to go.

So why not bring out the Stetson and go wild for line dancing with Cindy’s Stompers,  Mondays – 1.30pm at Highgate

Or instead of prancing you could get creative with Art – Mondays 1.30pm at New Hope Church.

Another Monday one, Singing under the baton of Tricia 1pm to 2.30pm Mondays at Highgate

Then on other days there are 2 Pilates classes; a Tai Chi class which has room to squeeze in a few more; an exercise and falls prevention class and others.

Why not look at our website at pellonhighfivehub.wordpress.com or email us at pellonhighfive@gmail.com

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