New clean up group takes action in Mixenden

At the March Ward Forum meeting in Mixenden, local resident Caeia March raised concerns over the amount of litter and fly tipping on her usual walking routes throughout Mixenden and said she would like help in setting up a clean up group for the area that local residents and young people could get involved in to help make the community a cleaner place to live for themselves and future generations.

CMBC Community Warden, Lee Ackroyd and Ward Link Worker Dan Marham met with Caeia and a friend to discuss the project in greater detail and put together a plan moving forward.

On Saturday 29th June 2019 Caeia and the residents clean up group were joined by Community wardens Lee Ackroyd & Ray Jackson along with Ward link worker Dan Marham of North Halifax Partnership and Ward Councillors Lisa Lambert, Dan Sutherland and Stephanie Clarke.

The group met outside Mixenden Library at 10.45am before heading up the road to Mixenden Stones where they began the clean up action throughout the wooded area all the way to the exit opposite Bake N Butties.

The clean up lasted around 90mins in which time 12 bags of rubbish were removed including general litter, plastic items and carpet. Youngsters Jack and George who got involved said they had fun on their trail which included a bit of Balsam Bashing along the way.

This was the first litter pick that had been organised by the group but one that was a great success.

More clean ups will be arranged and the clean up group hopes that even more residents will join in with future clean ups to help keep their area clean and tidy.

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