MixMatch Challenge goes from strength to strength

The MixMatch challenge just keeps getting better. Never mind that the sun stayed away for the sixth year running because nothing was going to dampen the spirits of Trinity Academy Halifax and Park Lane Academy pupils.


Proud 2019 winners – Park Lane Academy

The school teams went head to head in a series of mental and physical challenges devised by local services including Mixenden Activity Centre, West Yorkshire Police and West Yorkshire Fire Service and Calderdale Council community wardens.

A total of 48 young people from Trinity and Park Lane Academies took part throughout the morning starting with a tag collection in the woods in which participants had to collect as many of their teams coloured tags within 5 minutes.

The rest of the challenges included a mountain bike time trial, blindfold obstacle course,  bench and ducking pool, road safety investigation, tent building, fire hose obstacle course and indoor climbing. The teams were scored on their performances throughout the morning based on their team work, leadership, communication and initiative in order to decide the final teams.

The final water dash challenge saw Park Lane Academy take the trophy this year and as an extra prize this year both finalists will be invited to take part in an activity day at Mixenden Activity Centre.

Dan Marham, who helped organise the event said,

” It was a fantastic event and all the young people involved tried really hard… a favourite activity this year was the bench and ducking pool challenge in which teams had to stand on a bench with a pool on either side and had to rearrange their order based on a series of different requests such as height, age, number of siblings and pet size.

The finals were once again great to watch and as competitive as they are they were completed in great spirits as usual. Park Lane may have triumphed this year but both schools absolutely smashed it and can all be proud of their efforts! “

Vicky McGhee, Neighbourhood Manager said;

“It’s such a fabulous partnership event and its a great outcome seeing everyone working together across agencies. Seeing the kids actively talking part, talking to officers and just having a good laugh – I don’t think there’s another event quite like this for breaking down barriers between young people and uniformed services.”

Special thanks goes to all the partner services who got involved on the day to provide fun challenges for the young people to take part in, school staff who continue to support the event and of course the young people who make events such as the Mix Match Challenge worthwhile.

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