Our Communities Award 2019: Young Person of the Year Award – WINNER ANNOUNCED! #oca2019

WINNER: Umayyah Ahmed

Umayyah is an active member of several groups that influence change in services for
young people or actively engage them in positive activities.

Umayyah joined the Youth Council last year and for the first few meetings it was very
reserved she then advised that she had a visual impairment but had not mentioned it as she did not want to draw attention to this.

In a short 6 months Umayyah began bringing her whole self to the group and drawing on her strengths has now become very active and is involved in the following:

Youth Council – representing the views of young people in her local community and
attending local and regional meetings. She is now a member of the Regional
Steering group for Youth Councils in Yorkshire and Humber. A role sin which she
has supported the Extremism Summit hosted by the Youth Council and is working on
campaigns to prevent Hate Crime, improve transport and Raise awareness of Mental
Health issues.

She is also a valued member of SEND reference group – where she is helping create resources/advise for other young people with special educational needs/disabilities.

She also represented the views of young people during the Ofsted Inspection where she articulated how many opportunities were available to young people of all abilities across the Council.

She is a Young Inspector and is involved in reviewing services to ensure they meet
the needs of young people across a wide spectrum of needs.

Umayyah is a member of a Visual Impairment group where young people of different
backgrounds engage in a range of different activities, developing long term positive
relationships and building on life skills.

Overall Umayyah acts as a positive role model for the local Central Halifax community wherever she attends and ensures that the voice of young people is at the heart of the conversation.

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