Our Communities Award 2019: Outstanding Individual Award – WINNER ANNOUNCED! #oca2019

WINNER: Yasser Arfat – Halifax Opportunities Trust

Yasser is a family mentor within the hopeful families programme he is an outstanding individual who has helped to create and deliver a practical and physical understanding of health and well-being to a group of individual men whom hadnt exercise for a number of years.

Between the group there was a number of physical and mental health issues, Yasser collated the needs of the group and created together with the professionalism from a local fitness service a unique and bespoke fitness and nutritional programme – a health focussed programme offering a diverse way to engage and gain knowledge and skills around health – lowering obesity and gaining confidence and raising self esteem.

The group engaged, adapted their eating habits, formed their own support group to avoid isolation and completed a fitness programme designed specifically for the group.

The group grew in strength and well being but mostly confidence, adapting their lifestyles allowing time to reflect on their health.

yasser being at the centre of their needs, the group ensured they were able to attend each session, providing clothing for the purpose within a gym environment, breaking down barriers, boosting moral within the group ,tracking their progress whilst supporting their journey towards becoming fitter, lighter and empowered individuals.

Yasser never gave up – encouraging a group of men from a variety of backgrounds ,cultures and beliefs to take part and feel valued and from this, communities of men came together helping each other overcome low confidence , enjoying their time together learning how to laugh again and feel good about themselves and others within their community.

He has inspired others that anything is possible and instilled belief that with the correct level of support and encouragement; health and wellbeing doesn’t have to be a struggle and that it is achievable together with hard work and determination!

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