Junior Wardens Monitor Traffic Speeds

Karen Scanlon arranged for the Junior Wardens from Whitehill Academy to be out and about in Illingworth Road on Wednesday 22 May 2019 with help from Community Wardens Lee Ackroyd and Ray Jackson, PCSO Neal Lefroy-Owen from  West Yorkshire Police  to monitor speed in the local area.

The Junior Wardens mounted the speed and those going above the speed of 20mph was greeted with a thumbs down.

The results were:


  • Illingworth Road at the side of Natty Lane Park Halifax


  • 20mph


  • 69  Vehicles were recorded
  • 6 Vehicles drove at the speed limit of 20mph
  • 29 Vehicles drove UNDER 20mph
  • 40 Vehicles drove ABOVE the speed limit of 20mph

The highest Speed recorded was 30 mph


  • Vehicles – 69
  • 85% –     10
  • Average -20.78261

One thought on “Junior Wardens Monitor Traffic Speeds

  1. This is a brilliant idea. it is a great learning experience for the children, and might help to improve road safety for the rest of us.
    Please repeat on Beechwood road (Illingworth/Holmfield) as we seem to have F1 drivers practising here.

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