FREE Guided Tours of Lister Lane Cemetery – 19th Century Halifax in a Nutshell

As part of National Cemeteries Week (11-19 May 2019) on Sunday 19 May, 12:30pm-4:00pm, Lister Lane Cemetery, Halifax HX1 5JL will be open with guided tours at 1:30pm, lasting up to 90 minutes, by David Glover and Stuart Wilkinson.

Please note: Stout footwear is advisable and there are no toilets on site.

The Halifax General Cemetery, Lister Lane, was opened in 1841. It covers three acres of land, laid out around a neo-classical chapel (now derelict) and a raised terrace with views across Halifax to Beacon Hill. It is Grade II listed in Historic England’s ‘Register of Historic Parks and Gardens of special historic interest in England’, and has many interesting monuments, particularly the gothic spires and obelisks along the main pathway.

Its memorials provide an index of many people who shaped the development of Halifax during its period of spectacular growth in the 19th century, a period which defined the way the town still looks today. Some of its many stories of local importance can be referenced through publications or on the People page of the Friends of Lister Lane Cemetery website.

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