Wellbeing @ Moorside Community Primary School

The second session of Wellbeing @ Moorside was held on Friday 5 April 2019 at Moorside Community Primary School promoting good positive Mental Health and Wellbeing.

15 Parents and carers who attended the session were treated to a very informative talk and alerts about Scams and Frauds from West Yorkshire Trading Standards. What are scams and how do scammers contact you? Scams are tricks used by dishonest people who try and con you out of your money. They come in many different guises such as letters saying you have won the lottery, emails saying you are owed a tax refund or phone calls offering a free boiler. Often, the scams ask you to pay an admin fee for their service or request that you send them your bank details and personal information. Almost always, these scams are unsolicited and turn up out of the blue:

  • In a letter
  • Over the telephone
  • On your doorstep
  • In the street
  • Via the internet/ email
  • In a text message

More top tips on how to protect yourself from scams and frauds in general can be found on https://www.wyjs.org.uk/trading-standards/consumer-advice/scams-awareness-and-advice/

Also in attendance was The Basement Project. The Basement Recovery Project is an independent self-help, charitable organisation, based in Halifax, which offers support and inspiration to those people who are involved with alcohol or substance misuse, the opportunity of a new sustained abstinent lifestyle – recovery from addiction.

The Basement Project played fun games with beer goggles and scratch cards to trying to engage people in a fun way to show that the project is here to help without judgement. They also raised awareness of the harm alcohol can do not only to the individual but also on their family and community.

For more information or support in the strictest confidence contact https://thebasementproject.org.uk/contact/

Basement House 10 Carlton Street Halifax HX1 2AL 01422 383063.

The next session of Wellbeing @ Moorside will be held on Friday 17 May, 9:00am-11.00am at Moorside Community Primary School , Keighley Road Ovenden.

Everyone is welcome to come along.

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