Easter and May Bank Holidays Waste and Recycling Collection Dates

Please remember your Waste and Recycling Collections will be a day later through Easter and bank holiday weeks. The Waste and Recycling Easter eZine can be downloaded as the  Waste and Recycling eZine Easter 2019.

Usual collection day:                                          Collection will be on:

Monday 22 April                                                   Tuesday 23 April
Tuesday 23 April                                                   Wednesday 24 April
Wednesday 24 April                                           Thursday 25 April
Thursday 25 April                                                 Friday 26 April
Friday 26 April                                                        Saturday 27 April

Monday 6 May                                                      Tuesday 7 May
Tuesday 7 May                                                      Wednesday 8 May
Wednesday 8 May                                              Thursday 9 May
Thursday 9 May                                                    Friday 10 May
Friday 10 May                                                        Saturday 11 May

Monday 27 May                                                     Tuesday 28 May
Tuesday 28 May                                                     Wednesday 29 May
Wednesday 29 May                                             Thursday 30 May
Thursday 30 May                                                   Friday 31 May
Friday 31 May                                                          Saturday 1 June

Collections should be back to your usual scheduled day by Monday 3 June. 

We prefer flat plastic!
Please remember also to squash your cans and plastics before placing them in the white bag; they will take up less room so you can fit more in the sack and it will help the items to stay more securely inside the sack on a windy day.


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