Pellon High Five Spring Newsletter and Timetable of Activities

Pellon High Five has published the Spring 2019 newsletter, which can be downloaded  here.

Soon you will be getting messages from Karen to select individuals to receive a star award. Are there folk who deserve recognising for their service. There are lots of  categories, good neighbour, outstanding individual, work with young or old people.

Most classes close for 2 weeks over Easter. The singers are carrying on because they are going to delight congregations, in services during the period. Check with your

Your lymphatic system is very important to your health. It clears poisons & debris from your system…and you don’t want those building up. BUT it doesn’t have a pump like your blood. It is dependent on bodily movement. So, keep moving during the vacation & come back to your class glowing with health….or as near as you can make it.

I bet we have all known someone vulnerable who has got lost. We have been given a copy of the “Herbert Protocol”. It’s a form to fill in if you are caring for someone who may wander off. It contains questions which might be asked by the police so that missing person can be found quickly, safe & well. Some questions can be filled in immediately & a photo added. Others would need to be completed if someone had gone missing. They are probably available to download or you can ask if you would like one.

Below is shown the timetable of activities as at October 2018.

Run by Pellon High Five 50+ Community Group, every shape and size is right for these classes, it doesn’t matter how much, or how little, you can do. High Five caters for different levels of fitness and laugh with each other sometimes at our inability to master some moves! Most people will admit to being nervous about going to a “Keep Fit” class, so if you’re worried about coming to your first class on your own, call to arrange for someone to meet you as you arrive. All our new members say what a friendly bunch of folk they are and how welcome they were made. So what are you waiting for? Your first class is free & subsequent classes £3.

Exercise does so many brilliant things for your body & brain. If doctors could put it in pill form & bottle it we would all be rushing to get a prescription. How about a new year’s resolution to spend less time on the settee & more moving.

High Five Pilates
Pilates can be gentle for those who have injuries but strenuous for those who need a challenge. Our clinical Pilates classes cost £3 for an hour session. Again your first class is free. You will strengthen the muscles that support your body. These muscles could also help to reduce wear & tear on joints & keep them functioning. Good posture is important in helping to reduce back pain.

The classes do not run every week so please email before going.

More information can be found by calling 07960 736937 or for pilates, gentle exercise and Scottish dancing from the tutor Sue Watson on 07964 713927 or email or visit the website at www.pellonhighfivehub.wordpress.

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