Moorside Junior Wardens at Illingworth Fire Station

West Yorkshire Fire fighters do more than just putting out fires. They aim to reduce risks to West Yorkshire people and property and deliver prevention programmes to make people safer from fire and other emergencies.

Our firefighters have one of the most respected jobs within the community: responding to incidents, preventing them from happening and protecting people and property in West Yorkshire. Junior Wardens from  Moorside Community Primary School, Ovenden were given the opportunity to visit Illingworth Fire Station to  find out more about what they do, how they promotion opportunities and technical areas they specialise within the daily role of a Firefighter

The Fire Fighters gave the Junior Wardens a fantastic and very informative tour of the Illingworth Station , explaining some of the jobs the fire fighters are called out to and explained how fire fighters are responsible  for taking part in drill training, taking part in scenarios, maintaining, cleaning and testing fire service equipment and performing general station routines.

The Fire fighter let the wardens experience using the fire hose of the engine ,and how they fill up the water that’s kept in the engine . They even gave a call out for the Moorside  Junior Wardens with the blues and twos

Thank you to Illingworth Fire Station at West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service for a brilliant afternoon of fun for more information look at

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