Latest from Illingworth Ward Forum

To find out the latest from the Illingworth Ward Forum held on Tuesday 19 March, you can download the minutes here.


Date: Tuesday 19 March 2019
Venue: Illingworth Fire Station Keighley Road Illingworth Halifax HX2 9LL

Present: Councillor Dan Sutherland, Councillor Lisa Lambert, Karen Scanlon (North Halifax Partnership) PC Shaun Hartley /PCSO Darren Talbot (West Yorkshire Police) – Plus 21 Residents

Apologies: Councillor Barry Collins

  1. Welcome and introductions

Councillor Dan Sutherland, opened the meeting and introduced himself and others present. Cllr Sutherland, outlined the format of the meeting and how people can raise issues and have their say.

  1. Local Updates
    • Local Plan- Councillor Sutherland explained that the inspection date for the submitting of the plan is due on 21 June 2019. Councillor Sutherland informed the forum that he will feedback more information of developments at the June Ward Forum.
    • Beechwood –Councillor Sutherland, confirmed the derelict flats at the back of Beechwood Library owned by Together Housing are now looking at a new development.
    • Beechwood Library –Ongoing consultation.
    • Turner Avenue South –Development going ahead with Home Group and Together Housing to build on the land at Turner Avenue /Furness area of 160 homes that will included home care and good quality homes for older people and encourage independent living.
    • Snicket at Abbey Park leading to Heathmoor Park Road – The Snicket between Abbey Park Primary School and Heathmoor Park Road has become an issue with littering and overgrown shrubs. Cllr Lambert confirmed that after raising the issue with Abby Park school that they have cut back the over growing vegetation on the snicket .Cllr Lambert confirmed that the school have taken this fully on board and will ensure its maintained to a standard for local people.
    • Whitegate- Karen Scanlon raised an enquiry received via email from a local resident who faces directly onto Whitegate main road where rubbish is regularly thrown from passing vehicle Therefore the resident requested that the road sweeper is able to make the visit to this road more frequent this was passed onto CMBC Safer Cleaner Greener Team who cleaned up the area immediately.
  1. Police Update –PC Shaun Hartley introduced himself and began by delivering the local crime figures and reported that overall crime
  • Operation Hawmill and Operation Hindbrear continue to run successfully in the Illingworth area targeting vehicles being used illegally and antisocially. Including recovery of vehicles for proceeds of crime
  • Days of action across North Halifax – PC Hartley explained that the recent planned days of action focusing on parking around schools in North Halifax had been a success with a multi-agency approach to tackle dangerous parking in and around the school area at dropping off and collection times
  • Neighbourhood Policing Team Partnership Neighbourhood Priorities – Halifax North and East area are
  • Parking and road safety around schools.
  • Council based activity – Fly tipping.
  • The criminal and anti-social use of cars and motorcycles across the area, including speeding traffic.
  1. Neighbourhood Watch – Karen Scanlon confirmed the Illingworth Neighbourhood Watch    dates for 2019 the forthcoming meetings have been booked at Illingworth Fire Station on
  • Monday 8 April 2019 00pm start
  • Monday 20 May 2019 00pm start
  1. Ward Forum Grants Update – Karen Scanlon asked the forum and informed those attending that from April 2019 there will be a new round of Ward Forum grants starting, Karen then asked local people attending if they are happy for the existing grants panel to continue deciding on grant applications. And also ask if any person would be interested in being on the panel. 3 Residents put themselves forward as interested to be on the panel

Existing Illingworth & Mixenden Panel included

  • Karen  Scanlon NHP
  • Councillor Dan Sutherland
  • Councillor Lisa Lambert
  • Councillor Barry Collins
  • Together Housing office D Sutherland
  • PCSO D Talbot
  1. Open Forum
    • Lighting -Street lighting has been welcomed; however residents would like to know when the speed/alcohol/dog fouling signage will be replaced. Councillor Dan Sutherland to confirm.
    • Bradshaw School –Ongoing issues with parents parking outside of Bradshaw School and obstructing access due to inconsiderate parking.
    • Heathy House –Residents requested to know what are the plans at the new build at the former Heathy House Heathy Lane –Karen Scanlon to make enquiries.
    • Moorside School –Resident enquired what will become of the old Moorside school site .Cllr Sutherland to make enquires into any plans to develop this site and feedback at the June Ward Forum.
    • The Last Memory –Karen Scanlon promoted the play by Alan Stockdill performed by Talking Stock Productions Tuesday 21 May 2019, 7pm at Moorside Community Primary School, Ovenden, HX2 8AP and on Friday 24 May 2019, 7pm at Holy Nativity Church, Mixenden, HX2 8RX THE PLAY IS FREE. However donations to Daisy Chain Café on the night would be welcome. Anyone wanting to book can now on 01422 392767 or email .Karen Scanlon to also send out invite to Illingworth Ward Forum
  1.  Ward Forum – Date of next meeting

       Tuesday 18 June 2019 6.00pm Illingworth Fire Station Keighley Road Illingworth

       HX2 9LL

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