Calamity Jane at Halifax Playhouse

All Souls Amateur Operatic Society will be performing Calamity Jane at the Halifax Playhouse on Tuesday 30 April to Friday 3 May, 7:15pm.

A further performance will be on Saturday 4 May, 2:15pm.

Tickets will be £14 adult, £12 concessions and on the Saturday matinee just £7 for children.

For further information and to buy tickets contact Cathy on 07939 227528.

The All Souls Operatic Society was founded in 1962, and originally based and performed at All Souls’ Church. From 1985 to 1987 they performed at The Malborough Hall, and since then at the Halifax Playhouse. They are a group of around forty people, of whom thirty or so are performing members.

Although the Society is non-denominational, they still retain a Christian ethos and continue to support many local charities. They strive to fill as many roles as possible from their own membership, but also hold open auditions for shows, which continue to attract new members, singers, actors and helpers. They also aim to design and manufacture their own sets which they take great pride in, and the wardrobe is also used to furnish as many costumes as possible.

We have been noted over the years for our efforts in introducing little-known works to Halifax audiences. These notable productions include our premiere of ‘La Vie Parisienne’, ‘La Perichole’, ‘The Beggar Student’ and our Millennium production of Offenbach’s ‘Bluebeard’. In 2011 we celebrated our 50thAnniversary, and as part of the festivities Members voted to perform the much loved ‘Merry Widow’.

The overall performance and musicianship of the Society has been widely acclaimed and we strive to maintain high standards of performance and musicianship.

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