Support Jilly from Healthy Minds in the Marathon

Just a reminder that on Sunday 28 April, Team Healthy Minds will be collectively running 26 miles (on a treadmill at the piece hall) in support of Jilly, who at the same time will be running the London marathon, for Healthy Minds.

This young lady is just one of the kind volunteers, who is generously giving up some of her time to help to reach the target on the treadmill. If you would like to help with part of the 26 mile run, feel free to join them at The Wellbeing Festival – taking place at The Piece Hall, they will be there 10:00am-4:30pm.

They are hoping to raise £260 for their efforts, that’s just £10 per mile! Please support this worthy cause by donating what you can by visiting the Facebook page!

Don’t forget Safespace the Out-of-hours weekend support for adults in Calderdale is open Friday, Saturday & Sunday every week from 6:00pm until late. Safespace is a place of safety for people experiencing mental distress or approaching crisis.

Access to the town centre premises is by appointment only.

You can contact Safespace via Facebook on 01422 345154 or text 07388 990227. Lines open at 6:00pm and the last appointment time is 11:00pm.

The team will take some basic details from you and offer one or more options of either a Face-to-Face appointment an offer of group support or support over the phone.

Upon arrival you will be greeted at the door and a worker will be ready to start your appointment, you will have the opportunity to talk about what’s happening for you and agree the next steps. In the group area you can engage in various activities and interact with others if you wish.
Depending on capacity you may be able to access more than one type of support.

Safespace is now also open Monday & Wednesday evenings (telephone support only) 5:00pm-10:00pm.

Safespace is run by workers and volunteers who all have personal experience of emotional distress.

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