Vote for Representatives on the Small Grants Panel

Calderdale Council thanks all those who nominated candidates to serve on the Small Grants Panel for the next three years, and who will help to distribute £70,000 to voluntary and community projects to deliver Vision 2024

The representatives on the Panel will be elected through a simple voting system. Your organisation can vote for the nominee you want to see in each category.

There are three different categories of organisations: groups which represent communities of interest, community groups and other. There has been only one nomination for the communities of interest category so you won’t need to vote in that category.

You can vote in each of the other two categories. You can vote up to two separate times on the ballot form:

  • Once for the representative from a community group with an annual income under £20,000 and no paid staff
  • Once for the representative of the “other” category, which includes all other types of group

The ballot form can be found on the web page

After you have made your choice(s) you should press the submit button and your vote will automatically be sent to our inbox.

The deadline for voting is Friday 5 April, 5:00pm. The votes will then be counted and the results will appear on the Council web page shortly afterwards.

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