Countryside Newsletter and New Year Resolutions January 2019

To celebrate the New Year, the Council’s Countryside and Woodlands Team has come up with a special list of Countryside Resolutions to help everyone get involved with protecting, enjoying and loving the great outdoors. This is particularly relevant at this time because a key element of Calderdale Council’s Vision 2024 campaign is Kindness and that is very much reflected in the Countryside Resolutions outlined below.

  • Countryside Resolution 1: Get wet, muddy and fit – by volunteering with the Countryside Service!
  • Countryside Resolution 2: Learn a new skill
  • Countryside Resolution 3: Become a Hedgehog Champion
  • Countryside Resolution 4: Join a national, regional or local wildlife group
  • Countryside Resolution 5: Rescue a toad
  • Countryside Resolution 6: Carry out a wildlife survey
  • Countryside Resolution 7: Report your wildlife sightings
  • Countryside Resolution 8: Go for a wildlife walk
  • Countryside Resolution 9: Feed the birds in your garden
  • Countryside Resolution 10: Plant a wildlife hedgerow, put up a bird box or dig a pond

View the entire newsletter here.

They would love to get feedback from you, so let them know what you thought of the resolutions (particularly if you adopted one of the ideas) by e-mailing Countryside.

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