Pupil Safety and Considerate Parking Around Moorside School

Moorside Community Primary School is concerned that they have received reports that some pupils have been crossing the main road where the zig zags are instead of using the safe pedestrian crossings. Do ensure that your child crosses the road at a safe point at all times.

They are also continuing to receive complaints from local residents regarding inconsiderate and dangerous parking by some of our parents.

Around Moorside School there is limited parking in the near vicinity, however it is vitally important that we safeguard pupils in particular as well as the general public.

Is your car journey really necessary?

Is it feasible to walk to school and back with your child/children? Or perhaps you could park 5 or 10 minutes away from school and just walk the last part of the journey to and from school?

If you are parking near someone’s property then please ensure that you have not blocked their driveways and that there is sufficient room for pedestrians to walk safely on the pavements.

Please take the time to review your journeys to and from school to see if you can make a difference. The school asks that you support the school as best you can in this matter.

The police have been contacted about this issue, as have local residents, and they will be commencing regular parking patrols.

Needless to say that this appears to be a common problem around many schools putting children’s safety at risk as well as causing congestion and frustration.


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