Community Use of Moorside Community Primary School

Moorside Community Primary School has always been an integral part of the community and with the lovely new site they are pleased to offer the sports facilities to organised sports clubs, organisations and for casual use at very reasonable rates.

To see the terms and conditions of use, the full Community Use Agreement can be downloaded here.

In summary, the outdoor sports areas and facilities to be made available for Community Use comprise the following (as shown edged red as shown;

Current costs relating to the hire of the Multi Use Games Area are as follows;

  • Evenings (to 20.00) £30.00* for 1st hour then £10.00 per hour thereafter
  • Weekends (to 17.00 Sat/15.00 Sun) £30.00 for 1st hour then £10.00 per hour thereafter
  • Daytimes (school holidays) £30.00 for 1st hour then £10.00 per hour thereafter
  • Use of floodlighting (when required): £10.00 per hour or part thereof

Reduced rates to local community groups can be negotiated with the Head Teacher.
Additional cost for using the school’s own third party hirer’s insurance is £2.00 per booking.

Please contact the school for further information by emailing or calling 01422 365236.

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