The Illingworth Messenger – November 2018

There’s lots going on in and around Illingworth and the November edition of the Illingworth Messenger which contains details of events, activities, local news and much more!

The messenger is advertising the opening of the Men’s Activities Networking Event on Thursday 7 November, 1:00pm-4:00pm at Threeways Centre, Nursery Lane, Ovenden. The event will focus on activities that get men talking, socialising and
doing things to improve their wellbeing. There will be a variety of workshops, demonstrations and talks on the agenda from some local groups who are already reaching men with significant success, including,

  • Phoenix Shed
  • Andy’s Man Club
  • Men United
  • Halifax Rugby League Foundation
  • DadsRUs
  • Illingworth & Bradshaw Local Activities Group

Open to all men, women and community groups who want to discover what works to engage men and what doesn’t. If you have an idea for an activity that could improve the health and wellbeing of men in Calderdale go along to this networking event and see who else might be able to help you? Refreshments included.
Please email Phone 01422 393956
to reserve your space and ensure there is enough cake to go round!

As usual lots of local services are advertised and there are updates of local teams etc.

Read the latest messenger here …

If you would like something advertised in the Illingworth Messenger, items can be handed in to your church representative, dropped off at Illingworth Moor Good-As-New Shop or emailed direct to Irene Mulhall at

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