Simple Reflections Photography Group

Do you enjoy taking photos?  Would you like to come and share a small sample of your photos with a like-minded group who WILL NOT critique them but listen to what inspired you to take that photo, or listen to the story that your photo tells? 

If so, then Simple Reflections Photography Group is for you!

Starting Wednesday 17th October 10am and 7:30pm

The first session is at Illingworth Moor Methodist Church.

All following sessions will be at Mount Zion Methodist Church, Per Lane, Halifax HX2 8XG
Theme: 3 pictures of Summer interpreted by you.

Image may contain: ocean, sky, twilight, cloud, outdoor, nature and water

The Aim is to form a group of photography enthusiasts who gather together once a month to share a picture / a group of pictures within the group on a monthly given theme.

The group is for those who enjoy taking pictures without the requirement of harsh criticism or critique of their work.

The setting is in an informal safe space and atmosphere where every members contribution is valued and respected

It does not matter what kind of camera or equipment is used as long as the pictures are able to be downloaded on to a laptop computer via memory card, cable, USB or wifi.

Members will be required to bring their contributions of work in a downloadable format at the time of the meeting or can let the convener of the group have their work beforehand.

At the end of each group session there will be a different theme set by the convener for the following month to be brought to the group for reflection.

There will always be refreshments available.

Occasionally a guest photographer may be invited to share some of their work as inspiration and encouragement to the group.

This is not a closed group and is open to all abilities as we all learn together with each other.

Occasionally the group may be asked to display some of its creativity in other spaces, this will be up to each individual whether or not they wish to exhibit any of their work.

If there is an exhibition and members wish to sell any of their exhibited work we ask that a minimum of 20% donation goes to a local homeless charity and Mount Zion Heritage Chapel.

The aim of the group is to share our creativity, learn together and journey alongside each other. Most importantly of course is to have fun.

If you wish to come along please contact Paul Welch at

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