Calderdale Women’s Interfaith Group – Music and Spirituality

The next meeting of the Women’s Interfaith Group is on Friday 5 October, 10:30am 12:00pm – ‘Music and Spirituality’ at Heath United Reformed Church on Free School Lane/Manor Drive corner HX3 0DW – just down the road from Savile Park.

Perveen Hussain is going to lead a talk and discussion about this topic. Music is a very important part of many people’s lives and it will be interesting to hear about and discuss the part it plays – or doesn’t play – in the practices of different faiths. It will be good to visit Heath Church and see how that older place of worship has been adapted for modern times.

Finally just to say that this group is very friendly coming from different faith backgrounds but no-one will try to challenge or change your beliefs or make you feel uncomfortable. Everyone respects each other and each other’s faith (or none!).

They learn about many faiths, see where there are similarities and differences – above all respecting the diversity found in Calderdale. Try them out!

For more information contact Margaret at

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