Blackshaw Beck Action Day

Blackshaw Beck is the boundary between Shelf, Calderdale and Buttershaw, Bradford on Saturday morning 18 August 2018 a clean-up of the area took place involving volunteers from the community, Buttershaw and Shelf councillors, staff from Bradford City and Calderdale councils and North East Halifax Neighbourhood team.

There were staff present from Yorkshire Wildlife Trust and Calder Valley Rescue the latter were responsible for climbing down into the beck (not easy) and removing all forms of waste including bathtubs, mattresses and other bulky items.

There was a great deal of waste removed from the open space and from under bushes and tree areas that included, beer cans, plastic bottles, dog poo in bags, larger items included fridge/freezers, pieces of furniture, car tyres, metal cabinets that had been dumped. There were also remains of several fires that had been lit in the area with a number of trees totally damaged and needing to be removed.

Further meetings are to take place between officers from the North East Halifax Neighbourhood Team and Bradford and Calderdale councils to identify ways Blackshaw Beck can be improved for all the community to enjoy.

Well done to everyone involved on the day.


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