Local Plan Consultation Deadline Extended to Monday 1 October





Please Note: The consultation on the initial draft of the Calderdale Local Plan is now open and the deadline to comment has been extended to Monday 1 October, 12:00pm.

The Local Plan

  • The Local Plan will set out a spatial planning and policy framework for how the District should grow over the next 15 years, to meet the need for new homes and jobs, and will also identify sites for proposed development, and areas that will be protected.
  • The Local Plan is in two sections; firstly a document which contains the vision and strategic objectives, and policy framework for the future, including an Appendix giving specific details of the sites proposed for development; and secondly the Policies Map indicating sites and areas of specific designation.
  • The Local Plan will replace the Replacement Unitary development when it is approved
  • Following this period of representation the Plan will be submitted formally to the government for Inspection. The Minister for Housing Communities and Local Government will appoint an independent Planning Inspector to hold an Examination.

The Local Plan will be submitted in January 2019, and it is anticipated that it will be adopted in the winter 2019/20

Find out more online at Local Plan Online or view the Initial Draft online here where you can read and comment on the document if you wish to do so.

Planning officer available in Halifax Customer First on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 9:00am–1:00pm.

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